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Our highest score to-date (96.2)

Updated: Jun 30

Crazy times, in lock-down. Seven weeks or is it eight. Anyway, it has been a long time. However, the government, here in England, have decided that those who can return to work and can't work from home, should do so. Does that include photographers? Well we can maintain social distancing. So I think so.

So what have I been doing over the last seven, plus, weeks? Well, I have been brushing up on my retouching skills and learning more skills, to improve the quality I can offer to a client or the quality I can apply to my personal work. As a result I posted an image on 500px, which is where I post my images to gauge their acceptance and quality, and I have achieved a score of 96.2 out of 100. Can't get better than that. Well, in fact, you can. But 96.2 is amazing.

So this lock-down has been of benefit to me and I hope that many other creatives have benifited from the opportunitiy of having the time to improve their skills.

Keep creating and be the best you know you can be.


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